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Official US Distributor

We are the official distributor for the ADEMS line of sharpening equipment within the United States.

Dedicated to bringing new cutting edge sharpening equipment technology to mobile & home based sharpening professionals in the Beauty, Pet, Cutlery, & Medical/Dental Industries. The ADEMS Line of Sharpening Machines are unlike anything currently in the sharpening market. 

The Most Powerful Machines Available

Geared towards Precision, Accuracy, Innovative Design, Reliability, Smoothness, and Durability which allows the Sharpener to reach higher levels of Proficiency, combined with the Versatility to reach skills of Factory Manufacturing / Sharpening Techniques. With the proper training and use of these machines you will be able to do everything the Scissor Factory does prior to shipping.

International Manufacturer's Warranty

Backed with a 3 year International Manufacturer's Warranty / 10 year limited warranty including parts availability.

Additionally, ADEMS Equipment / Machines are CE Certified.  The CE marking is the manufacturer's declaration that the product meets the requirements of the applicable EC directives and certifies the product is able to be sold World Wide.

Innovative Tools & Upgrades

Ride Line Stones

Ride Line Stones

Originally developed by Dayna Schleufer (Shear Mechanix) Ride Line Stones were designed to give the sharpener incredibly accurate results in shaping / maintaining the Ride Line on Curved Shears. Unlike any other stones/hones on the market…Ride Line Stones are unique in Design & Composition. One side is Flat (for the outside curve) the other side has a Radius (for the inside curve) the design of these stones allows the user to follow the contour of scissor blade with incredible accuracy and cutting power.

RLStones currently come in (2) abrasive compositions: 

  • Japanese open cell synthetic (JOCS) (softer in hardness…but extremely fast cutting
  • Closed cell synthetic (CCS) (hard stones w/good cutting power)

RLStones come in a wide range of grits:

  • JOCS= #600, #1000, #3000, #5000, #8000
  • CCS= #320, #1000, #2000, #5000

Ride Line Stone Contour Holder

Ride Line Stone Holder

The Ride Line Stone Holder is machined out of 6061 Aluminum and is ergonomically designed to allow the Stones to be individually held in place while using the holder. The Holder & the Stones can then be rotated on a Diamond Lapping plate to resurface and maintain the original convex radius of the Ride Line Stones. (Atoma #400 Recommended)

Ride Liner Pro (picture coming soon)

The Ride Liner Pro (RLP) uses a unique shimming method that allows the Spine of the blade to act as a guide while giving the blade just enough lift to establish/maintain the “zero” degree bevel angle on the Ride Line that is required for smooth cutting action of the Scissor.


The RLP was initially designed to Re-establish & Maintain Ride lines on Curved Shears…however, the versatility of the RLP allows the user to address many various ride line problems/issues that you might encounter while sharpening all types of Scissors. 

The RLP allows you to work on both the Radius and the Flat Side of the Stones….helping you fine tune your needs. Additionally, the Stones can be taken out of the holder and used individually as finger stones

The RLP is not intended to Replace Flat Water Stones.

Because of the design of the RLP….all types of shears/scissors (hair stylists, barber, groomer, curved or straight) can be worked on…Excluding Thinner Blades & Serrated Blades (these blades will Damage Stones).

RLP Comes With the Following: 

  • (3) Ride Line Stones: #1000, #2000, #5000
  • (3) Shim Sets: Sm, Med, Large
  • Instruction Sheet and DVD

Additional Ride Line Stones are sold separately. 

Bandit Bar Polishing Compound

The Bandit Bar Polishing Compound (Bandit Bar) is a remarkable proprietary blend of abrasives that allows the sharpener to reach a level of polished metal that will exceed manufacture's factory finish. This stuff is a “Game Changer” when a deep polished finish is desired!

The consistency of the Compound is much like a Crayon and is applied directly to the pad (See video). As the pad seasons, less frequent applications are required. The Compound sticks firmly to the pad with no fly-away (no mess). Clean-up: Only a microfiber cloth is needed…no sprays, no liquids…!!

Bandit Bar (BB) Polishing Compound is intended to be used exclusively with Bandit Polishing Pads (BPP) to achieve the desired results. 

  • BB#8 = 8 Micron (for heavy / medium deep scratches). 
  • Use with BPP#1: This combination is very aggressive= deep scratches).
  • Use with BPP#2: This combination is less aggressive= light scratches)

  • BB#4 = 4 Micron
  • Use with BPP#1: This combination is perfect next step after #1500/9mic abrasive disk) this will leave a great finish (close to factory) on Blade. Also this is a good choice for cleaning up any med/light micro-scratches left behind from previous abrasive disks!
  • Use with BPP#2: Use directly after a good series of abrasive pads concluding with #1500/9mic.) 
  • If desired results are higher level than factory finish….Use both BPP#1 & BPP#2 with this compound.

  • BB#2 = 2 Micron
  • Use with BPP#2: This is only for those that really want to knock it out of the park!! This is a Compound for when you really want the Deep-Deep Brilliant Finish. 

Bandit Polishing Pads

Bandit Polishing Pads (BPP) come in two blends. They are 6 inch PSA pads.

  • BPP#1: Is a more aggressive blend.
  • Recommended for use with Bandit Bar Polishing Compound #8 (BB#8) for Heavy Scratches.
  • Recommended for use with BB#4 for Medium/Light Scratches.

  • BPP#2: Is a less aggressive blend for more refined results.
  • Recommended for use with BB#4 for above factory finish.
  • Recommended for use with BB#2 for Extremely Deep High Gloss Finish.

Abrasive Centering Fixture

Abrasive Centering Fixture

A very unique tool that allows you to very quickly change abrasive disks by centering the sandpaper on the plate. Just drop the plate in the fixture, then find the edge of the fixture with the new abrasive disk and roll onto the plate (works also on hook & loop). 

Additionally, some abrasive disks vary in size…by placing/spacing the magnets (included) evenly along the outside edge of the fixture this allows you to still accurately fit slightly oversize 6” disks.

Simply fit the abrasive to the plate…and hold down the plate/abrasive disk and lift up on the fixture…done!!

  • 150mm fixture is designed to work exactly with 150mm plates (sold separately)
  • Fixtures can be made in several exact sizes to accommodate different manufacture's sizes
  • Some manufacture's plates very in size (please specify the exact size of plates you have)

Galvanized Steel Plates (picture coming soon)

Abrasive base plates are Laser Cut of 0.045” Steel and then Galvanized (protective zinc coating applied) on both sides.

  • Plates are available for all Machines (please specify exact center hole diameter).

Training & Consulting

One on One Sharpening Training

Learn advanced sharpening techniques from an NBTSG certified Grand Master Sharpener.

Technical Consultation

Need some adaptations or modifications for your equipment?  

National Sharpening Academy

Learn the factory sharpening process in a small group setting. Hammering Set, Re-establishing Convex, and Ride Line Work.


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National Beauty Tool Sharpeners Guild Sponsor

Proud Sponsor and Member

The NBTSG is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit corporation owned by sharpeners, for the benefit of sharpeners.  Advanced Sharpening Technologies is proud to sponsor the NBTSG.  Dayna Schleufer has been a member since 2015 and continues to participate and support the NBTSG.

Mission Statement

The National Beauty Tool Sharpeners Guild is an industry trade group established to advance the knowledge and skills of beauty tool sharpeners. The organization certifies sharpeners of shears, scissors, thinning shears, and clipper blades so that there is a fair and unbiased evaluation of the sharpening ability and provides resources for best business practices, training, and the advancement of the sharpening industry. 

Vision Statement

To become the preeminent source of knowledge and training for the beauty tool sharpening industry by hosting fun, effective, and welcoming conventions and certification events. To provide an atmosphere in which sharpeners of all experience levels can gather and learn from each other and to advance the cause of certified sharpeners and their usefulness and benefit to other industries.


  • Foster participation in the guild and continuous improvement within our industry. 
  • Be a positive and respected influence within the sharpening community. 
  • Set the standards for professional sharpeners. 

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